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Marriage Mastery Program

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Anthony Santen SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP

If There Were A Way To Learn How To Deliberately And Skillfully Create A Relationship Where You Feel Love, Connection, Kindness, Safety, Understanding, Validation and Trust.

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Inside The Program

This comprehensive, self-paced program is designed to save struggling relationships.
Return to a loving relationship by deliberately, skillfully and courageously creating an effective and undeniable relationship filled with emotional safety, trust, validation and closeness in a relationship that feels intimate and fulfilling for both partners. 

"This Program is Everything We Needed To Save Our Marriage"  - Lisa

What's Inside


1.1 Unconditional Love?

How we learned love?
Were we loved enough?
We want unconditional love, but why is it so so hard to get?

1.2 More Than A Feeling

The difference between in-love, conditional love and true-love?

1.3 What Love Are You?

Navigating relationship stages 
Moving up to ultimate love

1.4 Difference and Argument

What type of relationship model works best for you?
How to navigate differences (and win every argument) 

1.5 Why We Mate

Why we need relationship
The ultimate conundrum of self-love
Why we choose a challenging partner

1.6 M/F

Male and Female
Masculine and Feminine
The biological basis for your partner's compelling needs

1.7 Power Modes

Navigating the relationship power modes in your relationship

1.8 More Relationship

Are you ready for the ultimate relationship?
Mindset and Approach

1.9 Misconceptions

What we thought we knew, but was never true

2.1 How Much Is Enough?

Next Relationship Level
What's in store for you

2.2 Why Ultimate Relationship

What to expect in an ultimate relationship
Why ultimate relationship makes the work worthwhile
Holistic remedy - almost divine

2.3 Techniques and Attitude

Identifying The Indicators of Success
The Storm and the Oak
Acts of Superiority
Acts of Love
Who's relationship is it anyway?
Discovering wholeness and self-love

2.4 Winning With Surrender

The backbone of an ultimate Relationship

2.5 Making Your Spouse Feel Loved

Learning and integrating their needs
Teaching your spouse what you need from them

2.6 Paramount Relationship

A solid foundation
External influences
Boundaries and Containers for others

3.1 Lies, Truth, Trust and Intent

Why we lie
How much truth is enough?
Strange trust

3.2 The Power In Forgiveness

One of the most rewarding and empowering acts of self-love you can learn. (And free yourself)

3.3 The Power Of Suggestion

Remaining sovereign
Influencing and being influenced
Getting on the same page
Honoring the other

3.4 Secret Agreements

A couples exercise 
Uncover hidden assumptions and beliefs
What you know is right or wrong?

3.5 The Psychology Of Human Needs

A practical twist on the Human Needs Model 
You alone can change your relationship

3.6 Sex and Libido

Keeping desire in the relationship
Navigating uneven libido
Setting Masters & Johnson right

4.1 - 4.10 Anger

This is a complete 10 module Anger Program
A direct and practical model to deal with Anger once and for all.
The mysteries of the underlying psychology are uncovered.
Anger in Relationship
De-escalating Anger
When Anger hides Anxiety

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Hi, I'm Anthony

Anthony Santen SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP
Using a thorough, time-tested approach, I help couples find their love again, so they can confidently create a loving family life, regardless of their stage of relationship breakdown. As long as the partners are still willing to heal their relationship.

Over more than 25 years, I have developed a relationship-centric program that is specifically focused on creating loving, working, respectful, accepting relationships that bring couples back to their intended relationship goals (deep intimate love, collaboration, validation and emotional safety)

Join me in my passion and mission: to bring couples back to the love you have for each other and decide it's worthwhile to choose each other before "calling it quits".

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This couple included some one-on-one sessions
This program is designed for people who are serious about getting their relationships back on track. This program is not intended to be a quick fix for people who aren't serious about saving their relationship or who aren't serious about learning new ways to effectively communicate, interact, collaborate, etc. In order for this course to be successful for you, you need to be flexible to make fundamental changes in the way you approach your relationship partner. This program DOES NOT require you to learn a new religion, use mind-hacks, mantras or short-cuts.

This program is not a substitute for medical advice, where necessary. If you are in need of medical or mental-health intervention, please contact your physician, licensed mental-health professional or nearest hospital emergency location. If you consider yourself fragile, addicted to hard-drugs, marginalized, suffer from a diagnosed mental illness then this course is unlikely the right choice for you.

This program is based on direct intervention techniques practiced over more than 25 years of marriage intervention.

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